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Thread: VW polo needs modding

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    VW polo needs modding


    I got my first car the other week, a 2001 VW polo...

    well, as we all know it would be crazy to start off with your driving with a brand new car, etc... ( I am 17, btw ).. so thats my ride ^^, and I actually like it so far..

    its silver, nothing is tuned in it, stock etc...

    now I took it to the paint shop, to get it painted black, and red detailed 'like the front bumpers parts, logo'... what do you think of that? and any certain red color i should be choosing before its too late?

    what I have in mind as for giving it a better interior-pimpin, is the following:

    Docking an EEE laptop in the center of dashboard
    Docking an ipod touch
    Xplode sound system ( not sure where to put that still, big speakers, small car )

    _any_ ideas are really apperciated, as for performance tuning, I dont really have a big budget, so if you have any 'small' tunings with 'big' results, that would be nice too!

    thanks in advance

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    Hey, we have the same interior dash board.

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    well so far its just an idea really, can you show me how you docked the ipod touch or how you did your dashboard?

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