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Thread: Commercial In Car Entertainment System Project - Help Required !

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    Commercial In Car Entertainment System Project - Help Required !

    Hey every1,

    Im new here at Mp3Car forums and im building a Commercial In-Car-Entertainment Center for the Pakistani market. This is gonna be a long post so bear with me. I am really impressed by the knowledge archive here at this forum and the amount of experts here that I find this is the best place to start. I'll be needing Help & Suggestions and would really appreciate them.

    This is my draft of the thing here, what parts I'd be using and stuff. Do comment on em and gimme suggestions.


    Size : 2DIN
    Interface : Touch Screen 6.5-7"
    Motherboard + Processor : Intel 945GCLF2 Atom 330 Dual Core (Mini-ITx)
    Optical Drive : Slimline Slot Loading DVD Drive
    Storage : Deciding between IDE SSD 4GB vs SATA 80GB (SUGGESTIONS!!! need something to reduce boot times)
    RAM : 1GB Kingston
    Bluetooth : Chinese Dongle with EDR 2.0 (Really cheap here, 4$)
    GPS Device : USB GPS Receiver (Preferably Waterproof with long cable)
    FM Radio : Looking for INSTANTFM (feedback & pricing required!!)
    OBD2 Scantool : USB Scantool to read gauge info & display on screen
    Reversing Camera : Hmm...cant decide btw analog capture & digital cams... Suggest plz !..
    Parking Sensor : PM'd ROBBY BMW for his device !
    TPMS : PM'd ROBBY BMW for his device !
    Memory Card INteg : Chinese Memory Card reader (CF, SD, Mini SD) [Cheap $3.5]
    Ipod Integ : iPOD USB Cable

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    The liliputs and xenarcs costing me too much ! I Found this one and thinking on it ! If you have any experience on it lemme know.

    LCD 7" inch - $155

    Specs : China Manufacturer Specification

    Screen: 7 Inch TFT LCD
    Native Screen Resolution: 800x480
    Colour System: PAL and NTSC with Auto Switching
    Viewing Angle: 150 degrees
    Audio Output: 15mW
    - VGA
    - AV1 with mono sound
    - AV2 no sound (for rear view camera)
    - Camera Switch Remote Wire
    Power Source: 12 Volts DC
    Supported Operating Systems for Touchscreen Software: Windows 98SE and Later, Linux, MAC
    Dimension: 179x29x122 (LxWxD)
    Manufacturer Ref.: X3UVOK0YEEC1

    Has any1 used this. Is it good ?

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