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Thread: Complete noob with 67 camaro trying to figure this all out

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    Quote Originally Posted by jebcamaro View Post
    Thanks, help point me in the right direction. However, those builds are at least a couple years old and so the technology is outdated there. I have dug and dug through thread after thread on here. I have gained a better understanding of this whole concept, but still am a bit confused. I`m not an idiot when building computers. I have built my last 3 desktops and they have worked flawlessly, but a carpc is a whole new ballgame.
    The installs are old, but I doubt the equipment is outdated. The problem is you are trying to constantly compare desktop to carpc, although they are the same technology, they are still different in a way. If you'd like you can compare and look through my work log, but I guarantee you will really be confused because my install is all over the place. I am also designing my car for shows, but mainly to show off the theater capabilities of a CarPC. Jan was actually kind of a hero for me. It was her that gave me the idea of creating a central point for all the wires and fuses. If you think the tech is outdated then look past that and use their installs to make your own blueprint on what you want to do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skusa93 View Post
    Ease of use, while remaining affordable, go with an M2-ATX power supply, if you want all the bells and whistles go with an M4. I don't have any experience with the Pico line, so I can't really say whether or not to use one.

    And the mp3car store has a slot load DVD drive and an external enclosure that looks great, I've got one and love it.
    M2 isnt powerful enough for this. When you overload the M2, it takes things down with it too.
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    Here's a slot loading DVD in black:
    SonyNEC Optiarc AD-7630A-01

    I got mine from for $88.80.

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