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Thread: How to Setup your rear camera?

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    How to Setup your rear camera?

    Hi I am confused, how to get the rear camera to display image on the touch Screen as soon as you put car in Reverse gear?

    What are the wiring requirements? Do we plug the camera in the Pc or directly in the Lilliput in order to get the Signal?

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    Your not searching the forums, I answered this question sometime yesterday I think.

    It all depends on the screen. Some screens come with a extra wire that connects to the reverse bulb. When you go into reverse and the bulb lights up, the screen automatically changes to A/V 1 or 2, then back to PC when the power to the reverse bulb is cut. This all depends on the monitor you have. If it does not have that, you have to come up with something that switches the screen for you. I tired to come up with a relay system but it never worked out.
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    Kinda depends on your monitor I guess?

    If your using a 12v camera from eBay or something similar that connects to it's own input in the back of the unit and your unit has auto channel switching capabilities, you can simply wire the power lead of your 12v camera to your reverse light.

    Never installed a car PC myself but that's how I would do it?

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