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Thread: high pitched noise with lights on

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    high pitched noise with lights on

    ok, having an issue with the amp install...

    when i turn my lights on i get a strange hum coming from my rca cables then through the car speakers...If i unplug the rca cables the high pitched noise goes away.

    My system is run like this....
    car battery > dc-dc inverter > laptop and touchscreen > amp > speakers

    dc inverter = hooked directly to battery
    laptop and touchscreen both get power and ground from dc inverter
    amp = power from battery, ground on chasis, remote hooked to dc inverter.

    the problem is when i plug the rca cables into the amp...even if the laptop is not connected to the amp i get the a piercing high pitched noise through the speakers...i know the issue is not the dc-dc inverter or the laptop because i can plug headphones into the laptop and it works great. what would cause the amp to give off this high pitched noise when i turn the lights on.

    I have gone through the sticky and actually cleared up a lot of other alternator noise that i had before. I used to have a lot more noise coming in and it would increase with rpms...i installed a GLI and it took care of everything except this high pitched shriek when i flip the lights on. I thought it might have something to do with my hids but i unhooked them and same problem.

    BTW, the system sounds great when the lights are off.

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    ok after doing more searching I have found this tidbit of info...NOTE: Pulse Width Modulated headlight switches (like some Honda cars use) can cause a whining type of noise when on, verify this type of problem by turning lights on and off while listening for noise. If this is the problem, the headlight switch may need to be replaced with an alternate type.

    Tried reading up on this and its a little over my head...

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