I think I've got my shopping list for my CarPC all laid out but before I go out and start buying parts, I'd like to have it critiqued by the pros.

VoomPC-2 Case
Intel BLKD945BCLF2 motherboard
320GB HDD (x2)
Fusion Brain
3 axis Accelerometer
BU-353 GPS Receiver
HQCT 1.0 Radio Tuner
MJS-SC-C1 Sirius Adapter
Andrea Superbeam Array Mic
Sound Blaster X-fi Xtreme sound card
Bytecc USB Bluetooth adapter
slot load dvd/cd drive
media reader
Lulliput 629 7" LCD
CCD Infrared Camera (back up camera)

I'd also like 2 more cameras so I can record track racing footage. 1 to mount outside and one inside, any suggestions?

Any suggestions on the whole set up would be great.