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Thread: 2002 Honda Accord + CarPC + Subs

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    2002 Honda Accord + CarPC + Subs

    Looking for some advice on how to start my new project. I'm a new Honda owner and would like to do some basic audio/video customizations.

    Basically, what I want to do is:

    1. Install a 7" touch screen in the place of the stock radio.
    2. Mount an aftermarket head unit in a 3rd DIN below the screen.
    3. Convert a Fujitsu laptop into a CarPC and connect to screen.
    4. Install an amplifier + 12" inch subwoofers in the trunk.

    I have the head unit, the laptop, the subs, and amp -- so I'm guessing I still need to find a 7" touch screen, an external power supply for the laptop (or does the laptop even need an external power supply?), a wiring harness for the new head unit, a 3rd DIN mounting kit, and possibly a mounting kit to hold in the touch screen (or do I even need this?).

    A stumbled across a pic of what the 3rd DIN kit looks like, but I am having trouble locating one for sale online. Do they make them for the '02 Accord? Here's what it looks like when installed...

    To get PC audio on my speaker system would I just connect the laptop audio-out port to a RCA converter and connect the RCA cables to the AUX input on the head unit? -- Or am I missing a step somewhere in between?

    And what kind of screens do you guys recommend? I wish I could use the 12" touch screen off my laptop but it wouldn't fit! So I guess I just need something that works decent enough and is inexpensive.

    If you guys offer me a little help I would be more than willing to write up a nice tutorial with many pics so that all the newbs after me have a decent starting point... Thanks!

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    Well, apparently the 3rd DIN attachment pictured above in my first post is from a 2000 Accord and is called an "EX Audio Attachment Kit".

    It's from

    And apparently the 2001 & 2002 Accord's have a slightly different dashboard style than the 2000's so they couldn't confirm if this would fit my car or not.

    Does anybody have any information on this kit fitting an 02 Accord? Thanks!

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    I know it's been forever but I still haven't found any information out there on this. Is there nobody out there with a after-market stereo and a 7" touch screen on an '02 Honda Accord?

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    try asking on a honda forum about the console. I know with Grand Am's there was a slight difference between '99 - '01 Consoles and '02 - '05 Consoles, but one could take an '05 Console and put it directly into their '01.

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