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Thread: Splicing powe wire for 3.5" external hdd

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    Splicing powe wire for 3.5" external hdd

    I was thinking of buying this to house an extra hdd I have and use it for my carpc.

    Can I just splice the wire for the power cord and install an inline fuse or do I have to power this off an inverter? I did this for my lcd so I wouldn't see why I can't do this for a hdd. Doesn't it run off DC power thats converted from the AC power in your house anyway?

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    Probably. On the power brick, it will tell you what the output voltage and amperage of the brick is. I'm almost certain it is DC power as that sure looks like a transformer.

    You'll need to be sure you hook up the right + and - and that there aren't multiple wires or voltages that come out of the brick to the power cord. Probably aren't, but the plug into the drive has multiple pins. Those may or may not be the same voltage. Or, they may just be the output voltage split into different pins.

    Use a multimeter to check everything and you'll be fine.
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