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Thread: need ideas for mounting 7" lilliput in 2006 jetta

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    need ideas for mounting 7" lilliput in 2006 jetta

    I'm new to the concept of building computers for cars. although i have a pretty large background in car wiring and computer building i cant seem to find anywhere to make and or purchase mounting brackets and a trim kit (called a bezel i think) could you guys give me some places where you bought yours or some easy tips on how to make one. Also i checked out the fabrication threads and those were a little to complex for me. I cant really invest that much time/ money into getting those parts for a one time thing. not only that i cant find anyplace that sells the kit, i see on all the jetta work logs that people bought theres for under 30.00, where do you guys get therese? Im looking for a chrome style bezel or something of that sort for a 2006 jetta. i have a 7" lilliput TFT touchscreen that i plan on mounting in replace of my stock radio. also my computer is mounted in the trunk, if that makes a difference. Thanks in advance guys

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    look under dash kits should be on 3rd or 4th page jetta kit
    then modify it to fit the lcd screen

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