I have not built a car computer since 1999; I had an old 386 desktop with a programmable keypad to play my mp3 collection. I had several problems, went through 3 batteries, finally after 2 years I got a MP3 head unit and ditched the 386.

I decided to look at building a CarPC when I noticed all the gadgets I have hanging on my windshield: a GPS, Sirius Radio Receiver, Bluetooth Cell phone adaptor. I looked at a Pre-built system and decided that it took all of the fun out of it. But the technology has changed, so I am back to noobie status. Having said that, I have been working with and building computers for 15 years and have a general idea of what I want to build.

The system should contain at a minimum:
Backup Camera
DVD Movie playback
Bluetooth for hands free phone.
Touch Screen for user interface

Future Options
More cameras to catch the wonderful driving around me 
ODBII to talk to my car.
Backup sensors to gauge distance to that wall, (Crunch).
Rear screens for passenger enjoyment.
Better sound equipment, amps, speakers, ect.

I am sure that as I get into this I will find more options that I cannot do without

My question, has anyone installed a CarPC in a 2008 Chevy Silverado? And if so what hints/suggestions do you have for me? Also is my wish list unreasonable?

Thank You
The Doc.