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Thread: In-car Laptop

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    In-car Laptop

    Hello, good to be here! I am going to be removing the screen from my old G4 iBook (1GHz cpu, 640MB Ram, 80GB HDD) and fitting it under the passenger seat. It currently runs Ubuntu Hardy Heron (PPC), Will there be any troubles with it when I hook it up to a touch screen? Has anyone tried this? Also, I would like to be able to switch back to the in car CD player (when I have people who bring cds with them), how will I be able to manage this? What do you suggest I run as an operating system on my laptop? Must be a PPC (not i386 etc) as it is Mac..

    Thanks in advance


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    The only OS's I know of that run on PPC based macs are Mac OS and linux. You may have quite a bit of trouble getting things like touchscreens and such to work, as the drivers and support programs may not be compiled to run on a PPC. If they don't exist but you find the source for it, you can attempt to build them yourself.

    Good luck, and welcome to the forums.

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    I also have my old MSI EX600 laptop i can use. what options do I have if i use this?


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    you should try to IBM X60.... and check it out! I have one for sale! Lucky YOU!!!

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    as for the radio thing if you have a rear aux in than that would make an easy way to connect your laptop to the speakers, and you can still keep it for cd and fm etc. thats if you have a car that could have the screen somewhere else like the newer mazdas...

    or you could mount a slot load cd player in the dash. i bought one off amazon for $10. doesnt play dvds, but hey it works for this purpose.

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    I run a touchscreen on my PPC Mac Mini. It's not Ubuntu, but the underpinnings of OSX are BSD Unix. It seems like you ought to be able to get something to work.
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