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Thread: Newbie with loadsa questions!

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    Newbie with loadsa questions!

    Hi all,
    was pointed in this general direction as a good source for the info i will need over the next few months as i start on an install into my 1964 VW splitscreen camper van!
    I'm hoping to install an indash 12v mp4 player i already have to a 19" LCD TV or monitor which i also wat hooked up to my early "big" ps2.
    Herein lies the questions...
    1; is there a lead or guide for converting the earlier ps2 to 12v?
    2; Ideally i want everything to run off 12v, will there be an LCD source suitable? and would a montior be better than a TV?
    3; Looking for recommendations for split charge set up.
    I am installing a new loom, have a new leisure battery as well, but otherwise im looking for pointers before i commit to buy!
    Hope the forum will help me??

    Cheers, Goose

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    1. Perhaps on a PS2 dedicated forum.

    2. Yes to both.

    3. Can't help you with that one, but others can.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    "Split charge"? Can you define that for me? My guess is you are thinking of two independent batteries, powered off of a single engine - each independent circuit from the other? Honestly, for the system you're describing - its not necessary. If you do decide to go that route, research battery isolators. $$$$$!

    There is a PS2 12v adapter - check ebay - otherwise use a basic 120v low watt inverter.
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    Thanks for the replies so far, by split charge I mean to have a leisure battery to run all the ancillaries i want to fit and a regular battery for the starter and lights etc, just want to make sure i do it as safely as possible!

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