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Thread: 2004 Grand Cherokee Overland Install

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    Cool 2004 Grand Cherokee Overland Install

    Hello to all. I am not exactly new to this forum. I have been reading and studying these threads since I joined in December 2007. So far I found all the answers I need simply by running searches. No need to post anything. I finally got everything up and running last August, and then just a couple weeks ago my screen was stolen along with my Pie x3audio interface. (They also took a lot of tools and a portable hard drive among other things)
    Regardless I need to buy a new 8” 4:3 touch screen on a budget, and I can’t post in the classifieds because I have not left enough posts. Lol. Anyways if anyone can help me out that would be great! I am not exactly a programmer so I am sure to have some Ride Runner questions soon.
    My current set up is:
    Windows XP /3800+ AMD 64/ 1g ram/ 200g hd/Geforce6150 LE/ (it was an extra HP Pavilion a1410n) Started out with a sager laptop which I fried, RIP) So I have an extra P1900.

    Opus 320
    Xenarc 8” touch screen
    Roadrunner with Digital FX 4.0 (Life Saver) I don’t know programming and this app made it easy!
    Google earth with goops
    Mappoint 2009 with student discount for I believe 50-60 dollars.
    Kicker 12” Sub with amp.
    2004 Grand Cherokee Overland
    I use a Sprint Treo via Blue Tooth for internet.

    Next projects:
    Dash Command
    Cliffnet (Riderunner integration?)
    Night vision
    Fusion brain stuff
    And any other cool thing I see on this awesome forum with these awesome people! - Josh

    Here are the pictures of my install. There are two different set ups here. One is the one everything was originally designed for which was my laptop. The second is how I converted it for a desktop.

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    Night Vision - Sick idea bro! I didn't think of that before....what kind of cameras would you use? What kind of range would you get? Where would you mount the cameras?

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    Awesome install idea, I like it.

    Try RevFE
    The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.

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    I am currently designing a new aluminum/steel brush guard/front bumper for my jeep with a wench in vector works. I was thinking that in the Bumper I can mount IR lights. After that the placement of the camera needs to be inside the windshield somewhere so the lens doesn’t get muddy. I think it would be cool to have it project on a heads up display as a second monitor. Why would you need this, someone might ask… it is totally the wow factor. I cans see no other reason to drive anywhere without my headlights on.

    How many posts does it take to be able to post a WTB ad in the classifieds?

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