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Thread: problems in set up: controlling car stereo wirelessly with iphone

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    problems in set up: controlling car stereo wirelessly with iphone

    So due to lack of funds and a Asus EEE PC 4g surf I had laying around I decided to install this in my car under the passenger seat connected to a 160gb hard drive and ran a 3.5mm to 3.5mm headphone cable from the computer to the back of the reciever. I created an ad hoc wireless network from the computer to my iphone and the connection seems to not have any problems. The problem I am facing comes for finding the right app to control the music being played. The standard iTunes Remote app seemed to be very fitting and was what I intended on using. The problem with that is that iTunes cannot find the remote on the network. I connected both to my wireless router and there wasn't any problem finding it, my conclusion is the remote function may not be supported on an ad hoc (or computer to computer network). After searching the interweb I ran upon VLC remote which seems to do almost exactly what I want, its not able to carry my playlists but the way I have my folders set up on the external drive I don't have a problem finding the music I want to play. The problem comes when the iPhone either goes to standby or even when standby is turned off around 5 minutes the connection between VLC and the iphone drops though the actual wireless connection is still connected. To fix the issue I must disconnect the wireless connection, then reconnect it then reopen the VLC remote app and wait around 20 seconds for it to reconnect, the whole process taking about 1 minute causing many obvious frustrations. I've though about just buying a new ipod since my head unit has an ipod connection, but once again low on funds. My question is does anyone know of any apps or programs that could fix my issue aside from setting up a full apache server on the system (again it is a EEE PC netbook)? I'd appreciate any assistance with this.

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    I'm actually in the process of installing my 2G surf under my passenger seat also. I eventually might break down and get an ipod but as you mentioned its all about budget right now. I have my eeepc connected to my stereo aux probably as you do..only mine is connected to the front aux for now. I decided to output my eeepc display from the VGA output to an rearview mirror/monitor. I control my music with XBMC software (on Linux) and a wii remote using bluetooth.

    See my post:

    You might look into connecting you iphone to an external display if you have the touch. See these posts:

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