Hi im zach, I am just wandering a few things about my system
first I will list all that I have right now

a 2003 Lancer (not the evo)
im limited on trunk space as you might know
my stereo
Alpine Iva d300 multimedia station touchscreen
2 stock front speakers and 2 jbl 6x9's
( the infinity's I had in the back had broke cuz of the bass rattling them)
my subwoofers are 2 12" kicker L7's each one in their own ported 1.5cubic feet box. power the subs is a jbl gto 1201.1 amp and powering the highs is a rockford fosgate 400.4 amp
I know its all mixed with fosgate, and stock, and alpine but I dont care about that right now. I am wandering if it would make more sense to buy another jbl 1201.1 amp and put 1 amp on each of the subs, I feel like these subs can do alot better than what im hearing. I also realize the subs are not getting enough air. I was reading the minimum on ported boxes is 1.75cubic feet to like 3 or something. would I be getter more bass out of these subs by adding another amp one for each sub then getting a custom box for my trunk? what should I do. they are 750/1500watt subs so they are getting under powered a little bit, but would 1200 watts be to much for one? also they are dual 4ohm subs and the amp is 2ohms I am pretty sure. Thanks for everyones opinions. Also I have a 2farad capicator I dont know if this is enough or not. Another problem I have been having is sometimes when I turn the volume up the music will stop playing but I still hear the bass. I dont know what this could be maybe the remote to the amp not getting a solid connection, but whats weird is it only does it when I turn the volume up loud sometimes, but at volume say 15 it plays music and bass fine, but after that it cuts the music out and I only get bass... it doesnt do this all the time just every now and then, anyone know?