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Thread: 7" liliput to big for double din problem

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    7" liliput to big for double din problem

    Well I got back from spring break today and all of my parts for my install are here and Im ready to tackle this project.

    First problem, My 7" liliput is just a little too wide to fit in the double din dash kit I ordered. Should I use a dremmel tool and widen the opening?
    Any other advice would be great! Thanks

    Also If I take the screen out of the caseing, I would loose my buttons on the side of the screen right?

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    Are you trying to mount the LCD intact to the Double DIN kit? If so, you will have to modify the kit for it fit correctly. Otherwise you can take it apart and mount the screen and board to the kit.

    Example -

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    I just ordered this kit myself for my 99 Saab 93. I have the new 2009 Lilliput 629 and it bolts up in the double din frame nicely. It slid in with a little effort. Its tight, but with the trim plate on the face for the extra 8mm or so on either side, it looks almost stock. Best thing to do is take measurements and compare them with the 170-180mm ABS frame. You can always make your own double din frame if you're handy that way, but the ABS is tough to beat. Good luck!

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