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Thread: 2nd battery charging

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    2nd battery charging

    Dear friends,

    I am a newbie and need some advice on installing a 2nd car battery.

    I read that a Split Charging Relay can achieve this.

    However, I do not know if this device can charge a second 12v lead battery that is lower in amp-hour capacity ?

    Hope to hear some comments.


    best regards

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    Do you have a stock alternator or did you put in a high output? What kind of system do you have/plan to have?
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    Not sure what you are refering to but on this side of the world, we call it a battery isolator. These are most comonly found on caravans and 4wd camping setups and this site has all the info you need.

    The idea is that the batteries are isolated from each other so that the cranking battery is basicaly only used to start your car and the isolator does not connect the auxillary battery to the alternator charging circuit until the cranking battery is fully charged. So in my truck, I have the fridge, car PC, CB radio, hot water shower pump, air compressor and anything else I plug in all drain off the aux battery and even if I camp in one spot for a few days until the Aux battery is flat, my cranking battery will be sitting ther efully charged.

    The bulk of my accessories (except Car PC) are only used for a short time so there is heaps of juice to charge the Aux battery, but if you have a big audio/PC setup if you are drawing more than your alternator can deliver while you are driving, you will be in trouble and will need to look at high current alternator solutions which will be very expensive...
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