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Thread: Suggestions for 07 G35 LCD location and HU

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    Suggestions for 07 G35 LCD location and HU

    Basically the title says it all. I'm looking to put a carPC in and i've hit a snag. MP3car only caries up to the 05 model mount for touchscreens leaving me with a Double DIN conversion. If i do the double DIN install i lose my head unit.

    I'm okay without a radio, and i was wondering if its okay to use the PC as the headunit (the LCD would just be there, no room)?

    Another question is i'm sure i'll need an amplifier to run out of my pc to my speakers if i have read correctly, since losing the HU. If i could only find a mount to replace or hide in the cubby then i could keep the stock HU and use a PAC interface to create an AUX channel to pass the audo through.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on the cubby vs double din for 07 g35's? I'm really torn on what to do.

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    To be honest, if you want a good opinon on your setup, I suggest you upload a picture of your dash area. Sure we could look at other pictures of the same car online, but it's just easier.

    To other questions:

    A PC makes a fine headunit, some members even compete using PC's.

    The PAC Interface should work fine, and is usually a good idea.

    Post a Pic!


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