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Thread: Summer project: 1999 Chrysler 300M

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    Summer project: 1999 Chrysler 300M

    Hey guys, this will be my first car computer but I have been reading these forums for a long time and think I've gotten all the technical aspects out. My problem (as with everything I do) lies in the creativity portion of my project.

    I have a 1999 Chrysler 300M that I plan on installing a car pc into. I want to have it decked out: GPS, bluetooth, camera, all that. I have built the computer I will use for this task, a pentium D system with plenty of RAM and a TB of space. I also have a verizon aircard that I'll be using in the setup.

    My problem lies in the mounting of the screen. As far as having a "stock look" it doesnt really matter to me. I feel comfortable working with body filler on existing pieces of my interior, but I'd like to avoid it. My center console currently has the HVAC controls, my single-din 7" motorized flip out head unit, a little cubby hole, and the ash tray/cig lighter socket.

    I would like to keep my existing head unit, so i can avoid purchasing and wiring an amplifier for the rest of my audio system. The system has 9 speakers total (not including my 3 12" type r's) and it actually sounds great for its age and being OEM. It is an infinity system.

    Here are some photos of my dash as it is right now.

    That is the console with the shifter moved all the way back, and the screen retracted.

    That is the same picture with the screen out.

    Please offer your advice on placement of my components. I would like to go with a 7 or 8 inch touchscreen. Like I said, stock look doesnt matter, as long as I place the screen somewhere that it is functional I am ok with it. Offer any suggestion, I'd like to hear it all.

    PS. Is there anyone in the Elgin/Algonquin/Crystal Lake IL area that browses these forums and specializes in custom center console fabrication? If this is you, please pop me an email and maybe we can work something out for you to mold the console for me, for a price of course.

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    Although you really do seem to have limited space, what screen are you thinking of using? I.E. dimensions would help.

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    I am working on an install in my 1999 300M also. And I am working with the factory unit in mine. I moved the climate controls down to the bottom above the ashtray and then the factory unit to make room for the monitor. You have an after market head unit, so it would be easier for you to move the head unit down to the space below above the ashtray(You should be able to cut it low enough to make enough room for a 7" PC monitor in the middle). Your head unit would still be able to open and close when the gear shifter is pulled back(You would always have to close it before puttting your car shifter in park though). Then all you would have to do is fabricate the bezel. I plan to use Dynatron 660 to fab mine. Just waiting for a responce on my post to find out if it will adhere good to the factory bezel material...Hope this helps!!!

    PS: Here is the link to my project in progress!

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