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Thread: Can I ground my CarPC to my seat rails?

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    Can I ground my CarPC to my seat rails?

    I know that the chassis is the perfect place for a ground, someone mentioned using a voltmeter to find a ground. A ground would have no current running through it at all right? Well, my main question is can i ground my pc to to the rails holding my seat? I would imagine that's directly bolted to the chassis. I was planning on putting my pc under my seat.

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    You could, but there are better locations, secifically a bolt fastened directly to the chassis.
    A better option in that area is the bolt that holds the seat to the chassis.

    Be sure to strip paint off the metal that will come in contact with the ground wire to ensure the best possible contact.
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    Yes, you can use the bolt holding the seat, just like DarquePervert said. I currently have my ground attached to a seat bolt in the chassis with no problems, just take a grinder to the area around the bolt so you get a solid connection like he said.
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    it is so easy to make a takes like 3 mins...

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    If you are unsure of a ground, use your wire tester with a know power source. Put the positive probe on a hot wire. Put the negitive probe on the bolt you want to use. If you get a light on, you have ground.
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