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Thread: How to hibernate intel atom carpc

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    How to hibernate intel atom carpc

    hey guys..

    i just got a car pc a couple of weeks ago (my first one)..
    its got a intel atom D945GCLF2..

    for some reason i cant get either hibernate or standby to be available as an option on the shutdown menu. i have tried it with two different versions of windows: xp home edition service pack 1, and xp professional with service pack 3

    i have tried:
    going into the power options in control panel and there is nowhere to select enable hibernate like ive seen other people do
    also tried going into bios menu and there is nothing there either..

    am i just using the wrong version of windows or could something else be the problem?


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    Have you made sure that S1 and/or S3 power saving modes are enabled in the BIOS?
    Once you do that, you will likely have to reinstall Windoze to have it install all the ACPI options correctly.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    i went into the bios but i couldnt find anything in the menu to do with power saving modes?

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    i just double check in the bios..
    s3 mode is already enabled..
    is it worth changing this to s1 and reinstallin windows?
    or should i maybe try another version of windows?

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    How much ram do you have installed? If you have too much ram it won't let you, I think its around 6 or 8 gigs though. Try going to Start -> Run and type in (without quotes) "cmd", then type (again no quotes) "powercfg /HIBERNATE on" and see what that says. If it doesn't enable hibernate it should tell you why it couldn't. Hope this helps.
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    this may sound strange....but make sure you have the most up-to date video drivers.

    In 'power options' in 'control panel' - do you have an hibernate tab? If not then it could be your video drivers......has happened to me alot when re-building PC's


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    FYI, I'm using the same motherboard and hibernate works great under Windows XP professional SP3. Sorry, no idea why it doesn't work for you.

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    Go to Control Panel/System/Hardware/Device Manager and check for any devices with yellow exclamation mark. That shows driver issues, which may prevent hibernation or stand-by.

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    wow i didnt think the video card could affect this problem..
    i just updated the video driver and what do you know - i can now hibernate..

    thanks so much everyone for your help this has been buggin me for like two weeks and now i got it set up properly!!

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