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Thread: Cheap liquid cooling

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    Quote Originally Posted by WuNgUn View Post
    My desktop and car both draw in cool outside air and exhaust it into the case...I've never tried it in there any benefit?
    The "benefit" is that the radiator don't get cloggy with dust.

    The ovbious drawback is that the cooling efficiency is reduced, since you then have hotter air flowing through the radiator then you got while using external air.

    I have used both setups.... For a normal computer, drawing air from the case is OK... but for an extreem OCed computer... it's a big drawback...

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    Reducing clogs is one plus.

    The other, as I said earlier, is reducing the temps of NON-watercooled components in the case.

    To clarify:
    When you pull cool air through the radiator and into the case, you are using warmed-up air to cool the other stuff IN the case.
    *Pro- best cpu/block temp
    *Con- case cooling air is already warmed up by the rad, so slightly higher mobo/case temps; more dust in the rad

    When you pull air from the case and exhaust it through the rad the case air is slightly cooler, but cpu/block temps are a bit higher
    *Pro- better cooling for non water cooled components (anything in the case that is NOT water cooled); less dust in the rad
    *Con- higher cpu/block temps

    I have used both methods for different systems over the years and neither is "better" in general. Depending on just what you need to cool the most, one or the other may work better in a given system, and the only way to be certain is to test them.

    The absolute BEST way to get the maximum cooling is to have the radiator air and case air completely separate, but this requires either more room in the case or an external radiator. Not really required unless you are overclocking/overvolting the daylights out of a system or have extremely high ambient temps.

    Really I was just curious to see if you had tried and which worked better.

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