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Thread: CarPC newbie, could use acreen advice :)

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    CarPC newbie, could use acreen advice :)

    Hey guys, new guy on the carPC scene here

    I have myself an Acer Aspire One netbook, to use as the power behind my carPC. I have already done the following mod: order to wire up a startup button to my dashboard, and still have the netbook easily removable if need be.

    Ive also bought every other bit of wiring I need (cigi-lighter power supplies, usb adaptors, sound equipment and cables, etc)... All except for the touch screen itself!

    All along my plan was to get one of these:

    However, it recently occured to me that sun glare might make this whole project unusable... Mainly through reading about other peoples complaints about how bad sun glare can get on screens in cars! Though I do live in the UK... and drive at night half the time. The transflective screen is double the price, and I just dont know if its worth it!

    I have got a couple free samples of these on their way: they were very nice to agree to send a free sample to the UK :P

    But now I have to make the decision, between the normal (and cheaper) touch screen, and put an anti-glare film over it. Or spend twice as much money, and get a transflective screen.

    I have searched a lot on this forum, and google in general... and opinions seem to be very mixed. All depending on peoples personal situation (double-din screens, liliputs having extremely mirrored screens, etc), so I thought id ask and see what opinions people would have for me

    Thanks for reading all this!

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    The display is the only part of the system that you will use, every day, constantly.

    I didnt look at the specific products you linked to but I can tell you that although I bought a regular (non transflective non sunlight readable) display, I did try and get one that was a newer (at the time) high brightness model and the display alone was about half the cost of the system.

    I thought (and still think) it was money well spent.

    If I had it to do over today, I wouild go with the best display I could afford.
    (so in short, to answer your question, yes, its worth it if you can swing it)
    PDP1170/TRS80/Atari800XL/Amiga500/286/486/P2/P4/C2D/i7 still a newb (but an old newb, been doing this a while) working my way up to "Complete Newb"

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