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Thread: GPS/XM sharkfin antenna (i really did search)

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    My BU-353 works perfectly hidden under my dash. So I only have the standard XM antenna on the roof, as it does not works so well inside the car.

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    To clarify, does the DAB feature work as a Sirius antenna? Is there somewhere where we can see what the connectors look like? i would like to hook up my Alpine N872A nav and Alpine sirius tuner to one antenna on the roof if posible, not opposed to using BMW hardware, if it is plug-and-play

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    Quote Originally Posted by a2carat View Post
    in that pic the gps is disconnected thats why there is no cable.. the connector its small enough that fits through the opening of the antenna. now the xm antenna I had to cut it in order to pass the cable through the opening..

    and then just run the cable to the carputer which is the trunk so its not a long run for the cable

    sorry I only took that pic..
    I was wondering more about cutting a hole in the roof of the car, not the antenna.
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    Thumbs up GPS/XM sharkfin antenna

    If you don't want to make a hole first try an antenna to fit inside your car attached to the window inside, for example something like this antenna GPS Combined - 2J620P
    WIFI / BLUETOOTH 2.4 GHz / AMPS 824-894MHz / UMTS 2.1 GHz / GSM 900 MHz / GPS 1575.42 MHz / DCS 1900 MHz / PCN 1800 MHz

    But if you don't have much time to play around just go some car repairs shop and ask them to make the installation for you and attach one of this to your car, they have a great performance and they look great, I have one of those in my vehicle!
    "Shark" GPS/GPS 1575.42 MHz/Glonass 1572MHz to 1610MHz/GSM/WIFI antenna

    I hope you have your mind a bit more clear now

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