Big hello from Sweden!

I've been directed here a few times whilst searching the net on carputer info, input and suchlike and although I've yet to troll all the threads available, it seems a nice enough place, as forums go. Kudos!

That said, I'll get down to business... I'm in the process of building up a carputer for my truck (Land Rover Defender 110, -99 - if anyone's interested. Or if there are other off-roaders/overlanders out there that'd care to share :-)) which is sort of contradictory to the general idea of the vehicle, given that it's void of any "modern" luxury like heating (essential when you live where I do...), insulation (ditto), power windows or even (yikes!) power locking.

Anyways, true to form, I slap together a bit of info from the net, buy a bunch of stuff, make a list of the stuff I should have looked into beforehand and buy some more stuff. And now, with a nice touchscreen my key obstacle to success - bar some fibreglass work - my hardware starts going haywire on me. But that's feed for my SECOND thread!

Anyways - looking fwd to get toasted concerning my choice of vehicle, MB, screen etc in the other fora!