I have searched and search and tried and tried but it not working!!!

As the title suggests i have a usb dvd/cd-rw. it is (was) mounted in my orignal headunit and worked with my laptop for around a few weeks no problem (this was around 6mths ago), since then i broke the laptop and i have now got a pc, however the dvd has stoped working.

As usual the dvd has an optional power input, i have ran a cable from the 5v and ground on the molex of the m2-atx to the dvd so it has plenty of power, the cd spins up etc. it now states in xp 'usb device not recognised'.

I then brought an active usb cable, and used that, so signal is (should) be strong. The dvd player worked once, and ever since it comes up with 'usb device not recognised'.

Please help me. i addressed power power and signal issues, i dont know what to do now.

ps. the dvd works when i plug it in directly without usb extender. (PC is in the boot).