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Thread: my carPC Idea '84 camaro

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    sO I think I am going to use a Dell Optiplex GX60 or GX150 or similar as the brains of the system. one, because its slim and two, they are readily available for under 100 bucks, does anyone know about these computers, like how many PCI slots they come with? I know there are a lot of variances but, any help would be appreciated, I have been googling them for the last few days

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    over a year later and things have changed,
    I am now going with a sony vaio as the brains
    I think I am going to scrap the stock looking head unit for a few reasons
    1 I am not very good at fabricating,
    2 I bought a firebird and am seriously thinking about doing K.I.T.T
    3. the ATAPI-usb adapter will not work because it is too slow to run DVDs even with USB 2.0

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