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Thread: What kind of screen?

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    What kind of screen?


    I'm new to building a computer inside my car and I would like to know what kind of screen you guys like. It has to be:
    - 1 or 2 din
    - RGB input, preferably VGA or DVI
    - atleast 480i resolution
    - hardware buttons that can work in linux (otherwise windows). should atleast have a volume knob
    - touch screen

    I looked through the forum but couldnt find exactly what matched my specs. I find it very important to especially get a hardware knob for the volume, the rest is optional. I would like to run linux on it which uses xbmc.

    Any suggestions?

    Much appreciated,

    The Netherlands

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    as far as i have seen, there are not any 7/8" touchscreens that are sold separately(meaning the ones that are just the touch screen, and not the whole computer) with the functionality that you require--

    there is the xenarc mdt-x7000 which includes a 4 channel amp, and a volume knob for that amp, but as far as i know there are no other solutions.

    it might be better to look at knobs like the griffin powermate (i have no idea if it is compatible w/ linux), or using a external, active volume knob like the jl audio cl-rlc, or a passive knob, that will simply connect to the rcas and attenuate the volume.

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