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Thread: bad radio connection when pc is on

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    bad radio connection when pc is on

    Hello, I have searched a bit for this, but not come up with anything, maybe I was searching odd keywords... I'm not sure.

    Anyways, my pc did not replace my factory HU, so I still use that for cd's and radio (I have an RX-8 btw).

    Anyways, the radio works fine if the pc is not on at all. The screen's power does not affect it. But when I turn the pc on and go to the radio, I get a sort of static... I can still hear the radio, there is just a sort of buzz, like it has a bad connection. I have a very solid ground for my pc, not Ground loop isolator.. but I am running the factory speakers...

    I connect to the stereo with a car2PC adapter. It sounds fine in the computer audio mode though...


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    if you havent already, try searching for 'radio interferance'-- there is currently a active thread in the power supplies section.

    if you have a m1,m2,m3 power supply, and the computer is mounted near the antenna wire, this could be part of your problem-- you could either try moving the computer/power supply, if possible, or try shielding the antenna wire, and then groundinig the shield

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