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Thread: Brand Spankin' New...and need help already!

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    Brand Spankin' New...and need help already!

    Hello guys and gals! I have been reading these forums for some time now and have decided to go forth and build me a carpc, carputer, mobile computing device, etc, etc. My question is, does anyone have an experience/suggests/personal beliefs on the 30-40 dollar touch screen covers that go over a 7" Eeepc? I have been looking at these and you can get a 7" Eee refurbished for about a hundred bucks. I already have a desktop Atom N270 at the house that I thought I would use for my carputer but after checking into the Eee thing, I thought something like that might work. Anyhow, let me know what you knowledgeable computer loving, car driving, newbie cracking people feel about it. Thanks!


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    ebay is your friend, might have to do some bidding. eeepc touchscreen has been done thousands of times and lots of support, so its not that bad, but definitely requires some hacking.

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