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Thread: An mp3only headless setup idea

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    An mp3only headless setup idea

    I have an 88 Chevy Cheyenne that I am in the process of customizing before giving it to my son. At present it has the stock am/fm radio that doesn't work and an after market cassette player that doesn't work. All but one of the speakers have been removed too.

    Because I want to keep the interior as stock as possible and just renovate it so it looks like new I was wondering if there was a way to have an iPod hooked via a stealthed dock into an amp and speaker setup? No big shiny head unit on the dash, just the stock, non working am/fm.

    I'm thinking, remove the after market cassette, fill all the available speaker mounts with decent quality speakers, have and amp and some subwoofers mounted behind the bench seat and just get the music from iPod making it a true mp3 car (well truck at least). There is no requirement for a CD player or a Radio of any kind, just the mp3's on the iPod, which being removable would make the whole thing more secure.

    The iPod would sit on the dash or in the central recess and plug into a dock that you otherwise wouldn't know was there. The volume etc would be controlled by the iPod in the usual way the other hardware would just be there to add some volume to it.

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    That would work. A more integrated idea would be to make the iPod hidden and hack an inexpensive aftermarket device that you could extend the volume and ffwd/reverse controls on, or use a remote control for it like this:
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