I have few problem with my bmw carpc

1. i use reverse cam input in video module to get pc image to front monitor (i use tape mode) - when i switch to tape mode after starting car i get only blank screen, i nned to open television in bmw menu and then when i switch to tape mode i have crystal clear image from pc. WTF? I would like to go with rgbs signal to front monitor, but i don't know any ""ralay"" for switching video signals.

2. when i connect resler interface to car my direction lights, high beams and foglights indicator on dashboard stop working (lights itself works ok) and no ticking sound for direction lights, this continue even when i disconnect reslers interface until i disconnect and reconnect battery (with interface to usb disconnected) and that fix it

3. as i stated in first problem i use tape input and when i press next or prev. button on steering wheel or board monitor song changes in pc ok, but tape drive starts to rev. tape (altrough there is no real tape in it) and thus make noise.