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Thread: where to place screen in accord v6 '06 w/o nav

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    where to place screen in accord v6 '06 w/o nav


    I am planning to add carputer to my accord v6, '06 w/o nav. But I am still confused about where to place touchscreen. I have seen various modes for 06 model. Most of them have placed the screen in cubby hole(close to gear stick). But acc. to me the screen is too low and while driving its dangerous to glance down for directions(while using gps) etc. Does anybody have idea where to place the screen so that the car keeps its stock look but still have the carputer.

    Thanx for the help.


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    you could replace the head unit, or make a removable screen that would mount on top of the dash above,or anywhere else that seems to work better for you-- try browsing the build log section for some ideas.

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