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Thread: questions on tweeters

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    I dont remember exactly, but probably at around 4500hz. I did a 2nd order Linkwitz riley crossover design. I mainly chose this crossover point by eyeballing the frequency response graphcs for the tweeter and midrange. Also had to add some resistors to create a L-pad to attenuate the tweeter. Im happy with the results though, since I spent <$100 and my components sound better than all the <$250 systems Ive heard (atleast in my opinion).

    Im curious as to how the "pros" would normally go about designing a crossover.

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    most car tweeters are 6 ohms anyway, so should be fine.

    the main difference with most car tweeters is they are designed to work well off-axis, i.e. not pointing straight at you. home tweeters are usually designed to point right at you, and may not work best in a car environment. sometimes also the materials are not designed for the hot/humid car and may fail prematurely. They are a lot cheaper though.
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