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Thread: Programmer looking for elegant, complete carPC in Canada, need help

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    If you are near London I live just south of London and could give you a hand with the install. I have a heated shop and all the necessary tools. Or if you just want to see a clean install just hit me up.

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    netbook huh?

    i've recently considered setting up a carputer in my car, removable. reason being, it would be easier and cheaper to buy a new laptop(i have a toshiba from like 06, lol) since i use it more than the desktop. this way, i dont have to copy media over(yes, i know i can do it through a shareed network) and have all my playlists organized and up-to-date.

    let me know how it works out for you and how long it took to complete

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    If you want a laptop solution and make it removable. You'll need a laptop with a good dock, and xobyte (think thats what its called) WOL controller). and an SSD hard drive for cold weather. So far my OCZ vertex has stand up to -17*C. Then you can pretty much leave your laptop unhacked and totally removable.

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