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Thread: Ok, I have a question about wiring switches?

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    Ok, I have a question about wiring switches?

    Im going to buy a few switches for a on/off switch for different things in my car. Like I want one switch to be a on/off switch for my amp, then i want a on/off switch for my lighting. Now how do I do this?

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    while most people are going to tell you that this isn't the right place for this kind of question, and a CarPC is WAYYY over your head if you don't even know how to wire a switch, and that you should have read the FAQ and searched all over the place before posting... I'm going to give you an answer before telling you those things.

    the easy way is to ground whatever device your connecting, and the put the switch in between the +12V source and the device... make sure you put a fuse for the correct amperage before the switch though, and try not to use bare stripped wire for anything to avoid fires. instead use quick disconnects for wire-to-wire connections and ring connectors for terminals at the very least.

    the more proper way would be to also include a relay... but this is more complicated than necessary for most applications.

    You probably want to check out a forum specific to your vehicle so that you can find a good +12V terminal in your fuse box, or at least a good circuit to tap into. This will prevent you from tapping the cigarette lighter, radio, or running wires from your engine bay. You may want to search around some FAQs on a car audio specific forum....

    Now, that said, "A CarPC is WAYYY over your head if you don't even know how to wire a switch, and that you should have read the FAQ and searched all over the place before posting."

    BTW, you should be finding a way to turn your amp on automatically with your stereo instead of wiring a switch.

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    Wow. I can't go into detail to explain this whole thing to you but here are the basics.

    Your amplifier has 3 wired connections......power, ground and switched.
    - power goes to the battery
    - ground goes to any suitable metal ground
    Now your amplifier has power and is grounded so it'll work just like this but it doesn't actually turn on until it gets a 12 volt signal through the switched wire. Usually this wire is hooked up so that it only gets power when the car is on but you can wire it up to a switch so it'll work whenever you push it.
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    Thankyou, I know imma complete noob. I looked up the basics for wiring switches. Thankyou for the replies. Im actually understanding now.

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    Yah bro no offense, but if switches are hard you may need a buddy with more knwoledge of circuitry to help yah out if u wire up a carputer! hey u gota start somwhere tho!
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