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Thread: how to power my setup???

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    how to power my setup???

    I'm going to be running a pretty basic computer, a touchscreen monitor, a directed hd radio, and at least one amp, all in an 05 chevy cobalt.

    I'm a little confused as how I should power all this.
    I'm doing away with my stock radio so, can/should I power the monitor off the wires that originally went to the stock radio?

    How do I power everything else?
    Do I run a wire from each piece directly to the battery?
    Like one wire from my pc to the battery, one from the amp to the battery, and one from the hd radio to the battery? Or do they all run off the same wire?

    Is it okay to groung everything by just running it back to the negative battery terminal?
    Or is it better to ground everything to the car chassis?

    I'm still collecting parts for my setup and I'm probabbly months away from the actual install in my car but I'm a little concerned about wiring everything so any help is appreciated.


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    most of these questions, and more that you might not have thought of yet have been kindly gathered and placed here:

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