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Thread: Considering a car computer...

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    Considering a car computer...

    I've always used a head deck for my stereo but recently have been considering going to a computer.

    My first and foremost concern is music. I have an obnoxiously loud stereo and I love LOTS of music. Constantly updating and plugging my ipod in between the desktop and the car gets annoying, I'd love to have ALL my music in my car, ready to play.

    In fact I'd really love to be able to auto-sync my music via wi-fi when I drive home to my desktop computer, not sure if that's possible though.

    I have a 2001 Chevy Blazer with quite a bit of room in the back for the guts. I want to run an 8" touchscreen in the dash. I would need a high quality audio interface for the computer as well, to feed my 3 amps.

    Finally if this all seems feasible, I need to start looking at hardware. Mini-ATX, Nettop computer, something else entirely? Thanks!

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    All that is possible. Look at the online store for ideas. I recommend a Mini-ITX system for space reasons.

    Enforcer's Upd8 plugin will sync wirelessly. There are plenty of high quality sound cards for PC's. The Audigy card is a popular one around here.
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    Proximity can also do wifi syncing automagically. However it's for Linux only.
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    As both Bugbyte and Kev indicated, no matter if you choose Linux or Windows there will be a automatic syncing option.

    As for hardware, I suggest a dual core atom board, with a smart power supply. Personally I use a m2atx, but the seamless integration of the "smart" auto-on auto-off features make it way cooler than having to flip a switch or hit a button.
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