Hi all,

I've been on this forum a while and haven't really posted - it was more of an interest thing. I designed my first carputer system when i was about 14 or 15 but my mum never gave me the opportunity to fit it in her car (it wa sa rubbish car anyway, so probably for the better). However i'm now all grown up and am looking at my second car next year and i've decided pretty much on a Renault Megane (99/2000) 5-dr 16V Sport model. I would like to fit a carputer as well as integrate my current existing sat nav display.

The only problem is that i can't find any pictures of the dash that this car has. So if anybody has any then this would br brilliant.

Some tech details of what i want to fit:
Sat Nav display - 4.3" Widescreen (Custom software running on Windows CE 5)
Sat Nav thickness - ~20 to 25mm

LCD (Non-Touch) - either 5" or 7" depending on dash layout etc

Input - 2x Rotary Control (With Push) + Buttons

Any other input from people would be just as useful to me.

Kind regards,