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Thread: 2006 Mitsubishi Radier/Dakota Quad Cab Build In need of suggestions and comments.

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    2006 Mitsubishi Radier/Dakota Quad Cab Build In need of suggestions and comments.

    I have read over this forum for a long time and just now became a member.

    I own a 2006 Mitsubishi Raider Quad Cab it is the same as the 06 Dakota Quad cab.

    This is what I have in mind please comment and add to. I would really appreciate any and all input.

    Case: Commercial prebuilt would appreciate advice as to who and what is best. I plan on mounting the case under the flip up back seat near my amps. I however am concerned about temperature.

    Computer internals: I was thinking a solid state for Operating system and a 320gig for media and apps. I have never messed with ITX I have shopped and noted however there are a lot of options. I want Bluetooth to tether with my phone. GPS. Wireless LAN preferrably 802.11n with an external antenna that is mountable. I am very interested in OBD II and DVD.

    Screen: I need suggestions on screens. I am not up for moving my AC controls. It is a double din. I would like a touchscreen.

    Front end: I know linux and I know Windows. What would be a good front end that would be a seemless operation from GPS to Phone Controls to OBD II to Media?

    Controls: With the touch screen would a wireless keyboard and mouse be a necessitiy or nicety?

    Head Unit: I currently have a nice clarion head unit. I run all my audio through it but this is optional. I have a Rockford Fosgate 4080dsm running hi's and mid's and a Fosgate 200x2 running my subs. I do not have to have a head unit but is it recommended?

    Again yes I am a newb. I am looking to learn from others adventures. Any input is welcome as I said. I am looking for suggestions.

    Thanks for everything..

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    This should probably be moved to the proposed setup forum (its at the top of the page in the newbie section)

    I'll give you a some suggestions anyway,
    Comp Internals: I would skip the SSD for right now, just get 1 regular HDD. It will function just fine without any problems,everyone uses them, and SSD Dollars/GB prices will come down drastically in the next year or so anyway.
    For bluetooth, just get any old adapter, get one thats 1.3 (I think thats the newest) they're all about equal.

    Touchscreen: Look into fabrication, search for you Year,Make,Model see what others have done with your car.

    Front End: I highly recommend Windows XP and RideRunner

    Controls: You don't need a mouse/keyboard. I have a wireless keyboard with a thumbstick for mouse control, I only need it for maintenance

    Head Unit: I don't run one, some people do. Its up to you, you don't need one. Its completely possible to build a nice system without one. But again you need to do more research to weigh the pros and cons
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