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Thread: HD content + a 7inch Liliput = ?

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    It probably does, but like I said, its a pretty marginal amount. It's not like going from DVD to blu-ray on a 42" TV. IMO HD on a 7" screen is a waste of money if you are buying a blu-ray drive.
    It's like putting a V8 engine on your bicycle, yea it has a lot of power, but you only have a 2" wide tire so its not gonna do you much good.

    Anyway, back to the OP, The CPU will still have to process the video but with a newer system it shouldn't be much trouble. Just remember the limiting factor is the CPU not the GPU with HD video.
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    For me it wasn't about video quality. I know on a 7" screen the difference is marginal. For me it was because I have gone to a all BluRay collection. So buying a $90 BluRay player for the car made more sense than buying BluRays and Dvds.

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    Thanks a lot u guys,
    i think hailrazer answered exactly what i needed to know in terms of picture quality!

    but im still not convinced if an atom cpu can play the 720p movies on it own without the help from an ion gpu

    the reason i need to know this is because where i live ..... the ion platform is still not available but the Intel® Desktop Board D945GCLF2D is available readily, so should i go for it ????

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    Thats not a yes or no depends on a wide variety of factors. 720p video can be encoded using at least a hundred different combinations of options. Very basic 720p will be able to play but it will use very close to 100% CPU, and will suffer in high action scenes when frames will need to be dropped. Higher complexity encodings will definitely not playback without stuttering or transcoding. I would recommend trying to find an ion...

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    i think i will go overkill now !!! core2duo

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