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Thread: First TRY! - Have Laptop, need advice on how to power + Screen to use

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    First TRY! - Have Laptop, need advice on how to power + Screen to use

    Ok, So I have been reading up on this site a while now... and there is still much that I do not understand. So... i figure the newbie section is a great start.

    So, i think that this really shouldn't be too hard... unless you guys can find a problem...

    My car's current audio specs.

    Kenwood Echelon KDC-X591
    Polk Momo Component Speakers in front
    Polk Momo 6 X 9 Speakers in back
    Eclipse Z600 4 Channel Amp.
    Koiiler 420 w amp for sub
    12" Kicker sub

    My thoughts: I have an old toshiba laptop... I also probably have access to a older (a model or two back) macbook which may or may not work.

    Specs for the Toshiba.
    Processor, Memory, and Motherboard
    Hardware Platform: PC
    Processor: 1 GHz Intel Celeron
    System Bus Speed: 100
    Number of Processors: 1
    RAM: 256 MB
    RAM Type: SDRAM
    Max Supported RAM 512 MB
    l2 Cache: 128 KB
    Hard Drive 20 GB IDE

    Graphics and Display
    Graphics Card: Trident Cyber Blade XP
    Graphics RAM: 16 MB
    LCD Native Resolution: 1024-by-768

    I figure after reading around on here that the toshiba would be the way to go over macbook, just as its more developed.

    Problem with the Toshiba is it wont run on battery, this could be fixed if I went and got a new battery.

    SO. I figure all I need to do is find out how the hell to power the Toshiba. Mount it in the trunk.
    Buy a touchscreen (need advice on this one... Looking for cheapest possible solution)
    Buy the toyota double din stereo mount and install the screen in this. (this should fit no worries right?)
    Connect the Toshiba to the touchscreen.
    Connect the audio out on the PC to the audio in on the Eclipse amp. (figure direct in would be the easiest, least uninterrupted signal way possible)
    Buy an external harddrive + connect to Laptop after loading up with music/ videos (wanting around a Terabyte which is usb powered so the laptop can power it + i don't need to find another way to power something else)
    Probably mount the griffin powermate somewhere.
    Get some sort of front end software.

    So... None of this seems like to big of a deal... unless one of my questions turns out to be something rather hard to do. Also it seems to me like i wont have to spend much at all and maybe keep it under 300... but hoping to spend around 200.

    Please help with ANY suggestions you guys might have.

    Thank you so much for your time + previous posts and what not.

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