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Thread: cougar gaming pc install:the pain and blood shed

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    Wow, this is hilarious. not that I want to hate on your desire to do some carpc modification...i must say. Brush up a little bit.

    There is this awesome search button in the upper right hand corner. Use it often, and rephrase your search term if you dont find the correct answer right away.

    Use he Wiki. There is some good information in there.

    Scroll down the page a little bit. Maybe google has damaged your abilities to look past the first page for your results. But they are out there.

    Oh, and go to your first grade teacher, and tell her that you need to start over.

    Why do I feel like I just wasted three precious minutes of my life.
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    Quote Originally Posted by devastaton View Post
    and another guy wrote a wall of text even biger that his and it was a dosey

    Creating a second account won't help you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer View Post
    Creating a second account won't help you.
    Haha, whatever gave him away... Spelling?

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    **** you all to hell and that aterack guy is not the first to wright a wall of text
    must have meant Help you all to hell?

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    Quote Originally Posted by soundman98 View Post
    Help you all to hell?
    Forum Charades! My Turn!

    Hmmm I would say...

    Lick you all to hell?

    Did I win?

    EDIT: Isn't Forum Charades just like Hangman?
    Quote Originally Posted by menudude View Post
    thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...

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