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Thread: dual zone setup how to

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    dual zone setup how to

    what is needed to set up a pc that can access two screens at the same time but have different things on each screen....say im using the navigation and my son is watchin a movie in the back how would i do that but still have sound for both going on and changinging one screen doesnt change the other...

    help would be much appreciated

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    You need video hardware that supports two monitors.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Some boards support that feature like the zotac ionitx d-e and the jetway nf93. Most of the time you need 1x digital monitor and 1x analogue, converters cant be used. You can also get a PCI dual video card to do the trick. You will need to get a second sound card to complete the 2 zones. You can find them already built here

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    thanks guys

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