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Thread: iPod Connect - Female USB Dashboard Pod/Cup

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    iPod Connect - Female USB Dashboard Pod/Cup

    So extremely dumb on my end, but I can't find this little part I need for a CD Player install I'm adding into a carPC setup. I saw someone's build log and didn't bother to save it and can't find it now.

    Using a Pioneer 690UB, which those of you familiar with them know it has a USB connector for mp3 player use. I don't want to run the extension cable to my glovebox, would rather drill a small 1/2" hole in the dashboard and have the USB jack there for whenever I want to plug in an iPod.

    The install I saw had a small plastic receding 'cup' that would fit perfectly into what I'm trying to do. I tried searching through a few car audio stores and eBay for female USB jacks/pods/connectors but couldn't find this. It can't be more than a $1 part, I just don't know what its called.

    Anyone can help me out?

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    maybe this?

    otherwise, i have some female usb-to-motherboard usb header cables(they have some mounting tabs on them)-- they would nee to be hacked up to work, but would also work.

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