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Thread: Just bought 150 watt opus, what are my options

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    Just bought 150 watt opus, what are my options

    Hello, I just got a used 150 watt opus. I was wondering what kinds of carputers this power supply could handle.

    I'm pretty much thinking atom 330, but was wondering if there are any other viable options. Was hoping to get some good deals on ebay or something.

    Can it power a P4 or athlon 64...or even athlon 64 x2....what about c2d? I'd like to stay in the mini itx range but thats not even set in stone. only the PS is. (got drunk and shopped)

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    You need to choose your CPU carefully.
    You've put yourself in a pretty tight box with that PSU.
    The Atom330 should be a no-brainer. Anything else, you will want to make certain that the CPU's max power draw fits within the range of the Opus PSU.

    One thing to be aware of... Intel CPUs draw all their power from the 12v rail and many (if not all) AMD CPUs draw from the 5v rail.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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