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Thread: HQCT-i Install problems...

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    HQCT-i Install problems...

    Hello, i am a bit of a newbie to the carpc thang, but im trying real hard to learn! please bare with me. I have a D945GSEJT Intel motherboard, and a P2140 power supply. Im running windows XP home, and useing Centrafuse 3.0 w/northamerica nav. Im currently stuck trying to install this HQCT-i that i bought for some good money and would like it to work. I have the 10pin usb header connections connected to the motherboard and the HQCT-i. Windows has not recognized the HQCT-i. I have read through forums for hours trying to get this thing to work or even respond but still nothing. do i need to supply 12v from my P2140 or should this work via USB? Is there anything im missing? The only connections i have going to the HQCT is the USB 10pin plug. Please help!

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    I am no expert however I have been fighting with my own HQCT for the last few days and have it working finally!!!

    Windows doesn't find it like other hardware. The HQCT does need it's own power as well as the USB connected. It also has to have the Audio hooked up as well. I have mine hooked up to the "Line In" stereo jack.

    Once you have it hooked up right, start up Centrafuse and go to Settings/Advanced Settings.
    Then, go to Radio, select HQCT for Radio type.
    Select "None" for "Record Input" I think it's called
    Select CD AUX for "Audio out" I think it's called and leave everything else as is.
    Basically, the USB has nothing to do with the Audio. The audio has to be hooked up through the audio output on the HQCT.
    One thing. Make sure your CD Aux isn't muted in Windows.
    Good Luck!

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    You need to power the HQCT-i. There is a molex power connector on the module, that you will need to plug in.

    The unit doesn't take any power off the USB connection, which is pretty poor if you ask me.

    So you will need to run a power lead from one of the hard drive power leads on the power supply to the HQCT-i.

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