I have an 03 Spec-V, and am gathering parts for this. So far I have sourced, and at my disposal a 7" Xenarc screen, motherboard, and will be getting a soundcard soon. Just need to address power and component location. So here's my question:
I have used the search function and have seen some decent setups for this car. But my biggest thing is my wife is kinda short so flipping up in the top storage bin is out. I would also LOVE to keep my air vents. Anyone done anything different? Nothing I have seen has been too awfully recent, and I hope maybe someone has done this a little differently. If not, I guess I will be posting my own here shortly.
I'm thinking move the HVAC controls to the bottom DIN opening, leaving the top DIN opening and the HVAC opening for the screen. I suck at glassing, but have a good friend that is pretty good, so the fabbing will be on him. I'll handle the hardware and software, but the glassing owns me.