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Thread: ANPR software

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    ANPR software

    Hi all you brainy guys, I am an absolute novice, or even worse with software. I am good at tracking stolen vehicles though and would like to become better at it. I want to use ANPR software in my vehicle to capture images of passing vehicles and checking their plates on our database of stolen vehicles. Could one or more of you brainy guys help a struggling novice through a difficult period. The idea is to capture the image, read the plate write the plate reading, date, time and co-ordinates to a file, and check it on our database. If a ‘hit’ comes up I need an alert to come up on the computer and an email and an SMS to be sent to our controller. If this is possible could you let me know what hardware I would need as well.

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    This is pretty cool idea! Is it legal for a normal person to do license plate checks? I would like to implement this, too. I will go do some research and see what I can find.

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    Thanks Andrew,
    I am a legitimate vehicle crime investigator with full permission to investigate stolen vehicles. I suppose it depends on the laws of the country you live in. I have been looking at various systems and even tried a few of them with varied success but the problem is that they are too expensive to make the project viable and I have very limited funds. If you guys can help I will be extremely grateful.
    Best regards,

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