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    It's a 2000 Silverado, 5.3 V8 Vortec. I have 4 sets of CDT CF62's in it, and I've been workin on my wall for the past few months. It's a 6th order bandpass w/ 4 Cascade Designs 18's. I just ordered another amp, and will be running 2 Clif Designs CD4800.1lx's at .5 nominal (about .9-1.2 ohms after rise) daily. I'm also setting up an interesting electrical system, which is very efficient. It should charge at about 19.2v, and I'll be able to bassrace with the truck off.

    Currently I'm in college, so I have limited time to work on my truck (every other week or so I drive home, which is about 3hrs, and work on it in my shop) but come spring, I'll have a little more time with it, and of course over the summer, it will be redone again.

    As far as the PC, I am leaning toward a laptop setup. I just bought an Alienware M15x, with the new i7 processor, and 8gb of RAM, and a full 1080p screen. It's built like a tank, and will work well for a truck laptop, if that's what I decide on doing. I will be building a fiberglass center console, and tearing the dash apart. I plan on modifying the dash, and making a "docking station" for my lappy.

    If not, I'll probably build a huge computer, and put it in my toolbox. But I'm leaning towards the laptop, just because of money, and that the laptop will perform better than any "desktop" i could build for a grand. But we'll see how it goes, and how much I like the laptop. IF it works out how I expect it to, it'll probably be going in my truck. Here's a link to my photobucket, if you guys wanna browse through and look at the complete rebuilding of my truck over the summer.

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    OH wow, a monster audio guy! I hate you lol..... i want my setup to be mini-itx, so I am stuck with a Core 2 Quad :-( would love to have an i7. Well seeing that you are into audio, a laptop setup may not be optimized for what you want to do. i think there are a few people that have monster audio also, and their car pc systems handle all the audio processing. WuNgUn and _Dejan_ are the two that come to mind right away, especially _Dejan_.
    Nirwana Project, the Android/Win 7 hybrid system!

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    Yeah, I know what you mean. That's one of the thing that kind of throws me off about doing a laptop setup. But, I think it's doable, if I do it right. I was also thinking about doing some sort of backup system, where I can quickly hook up my headunit in case of an "emergency" (something goes wrong w/ the laptop). But there are a bunch of pluses to doing the laptop setup. One of them is that I don't have to do everything in my truck; I can pull it out, bring it in my dorm, and setup whatever I want from it in here. Then just plug and play. Also, the laptop I bought is a beast, and has a great sound card, graphics card, processing and memory, and would be the ultimate laptop to put in a truck. It is overall an awesome laptop, and the build quality is second to none (which is why I'm running the Clif amps

    I think that if I were to get it set up to where I have a good processor on my laptop, with an awesome front end, I could make it sound really good. Only thing I'm worried about is line out voltage (I'm not sure what it will be on my lappy). If need be, I can do an external processor, or even a simple line driver, but I'd rather have everything ran off of my computer. I mean, what's the point of having one if I don't use it?

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